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Start by entering artist name or song title. You can also just insert your video URL there & hit red button.
Top 30 popular music videos are a lot of fun..

How to search Youtube for music videos to convert to mp3?

Youtube to mp3 converter that works with playlists

9Convert is here to make your life easier, well, let's not shoot that high, but at least make your Youtube to mp3 converter projects easier and more fun. And of course if you have a playlist with videos, - our system can process that playlist, give you a list of videos in it with an easy way to convert each video to mp3 one by one, or the select few, it's up to you. Try to have fun too. Here are a few features we're proud about here at 9convert:

Also convert Youtube video to M4A, WEBM, etc

In many cases M4A is superior to MP3, we just think of music as MP3 these days, it's like there are no other formats.. But we know some of us want just M4A, which is original sound untouched by encoding into HQ MP3 file. Of course it can be encoded and is encoded to become M4A, yes converting it to MP3 will lose a little more sound, little deeper and higher frequencies will be lost.. So we here at 9Convert strongly recommend downloading M4A and WEBM as Youtube to MP3 substitute. But it's up to you, of course. I know I am all for M4A... Cheesy =)


Install 9Convert web app

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Try our webapp, it's free and keeps you updated on all things 9Convert, just kidding, it only helps you convert Youtube videos to mp3, nothing more than that, unless you're converting whole playlist.

Download with Shortcut

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Save this to your bookmarks, then press it when watching Youtube video, or video anywhere else for that matter, it will help avoid copy-pasting the video URL there.. Saves a little time and hassle.


What is the easy yet fast way to convert Youtube video to mp3?

Just copy video URL and paste it into the box below, hit download and after download options show up, - finish download and have it all scattered and dangerous

Do you limit user activity in any way?

No. 9Convert is proud to let users do as they please, convert as you have it coming.

Where do the downloaded audio files get saved?

Downloads default folder access can be facilitated via the browser menu, option Downloads.

What are the supported download formats?

Webm, M4a, and of course MP3 are the 3 main audio formats we offer for download.