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How to convert Youtube videos quick online?

Convert Youtube videos to Mp3 & Mp4 free

9convert is happy to see you here. We are thrilled and excited to share this new amazing tool - Youtube Converter that we've put together in our labs with user in mind. Site is super friendly to all users, it works with Youtube videos and 100s of other websites, video collections and social networks. While you're welcome to use Youtube search feature - just type something in the input box, we do implore you to copy video link and paste it into that same box, if your desired video is not on Youtube, or you simply cannot find it on Youtube, from what you know about it..

Site is also very fast, it can put together audio and video tracks for you into 1 mp4 file, it also produces Mp4 when m3u8 file is what others give in some situations. We hope you like the tools, you can bookmark them if you do, or use 2 other methods below to save this app on your smartphone or windows PC/laptop.

Youtube Converter online: supported formats

9Convert supports many video and audio conversion formats, to name a few there's Mp4 & Mp3, 3Gp, Webm, M4a, etc. It works with M3u8 file to produce MP4 file. It works with Youtube video playlist to convert videos from it. If you need other formats like MKV maybe or AVI - please, send us an email.


Try 9Convert web based app

Add to Home Screen

9Convert has an app, it's liteweight, it's cool, it looks exactly as the website does, because it's essentially this website wrapped in browser support.. It does everything website does, and more - it acts as a native app on your Android or Windows device. Check it out, you may like this webapp so much that you will keep returning to use it every time there's a need to download online video to your device. This app is also very cool because it doesn't require any updates lifetime. Since app is the website - it needs no updates.

Bookmarklet a.k.a. Shortcut

Convert Video

This is a different method to harness 9Convert functionality with the favorite browser tricks. Here we have a bookmarklet, and Apple products lovers will know this as a Shortcut. It's basically a bookmark that opens this website, and it does 1 more thing - it copies currently open video page URL address and inserts it into the input box, so you don't have to do it. Very helpful when Youtube video search is not possible, like on Facebook videos, Twitter, etc. Give it a try, it's harmless and guaranteed safe.


How to convert Youtube videos to mp4 or mp3?

  1. Copy video URL address to clipboard, then insert into search box above
  2. Hit big red button and wait for the system to scan video and show converter options.
  3. Now hit Get Download Link button to get the conversion link or button

How to convert Youtube on an Android device?

It's really quite the same answer as the one above - copy video URL, submit it to our processing queue, then wait for conversion options and Get Link for the converter final step option.

What other formats are supported here?

MP4, 3GP, MP3, M4A, WEBM are supported here to name a few, but we don't shy away from other conversion formats, although MP4 is the most preferred for video converting, and MP3 is most desired for music convert and storage.

What OS-es and platforms this app supports?

This app is not bound to any platform, it's just your favorite browser masking the fact that it's pretending that this website is like a native app, so all this nicety is afoot. As long as you have an Internet Browser on your current device and Internet access - it will work.

Do you cut off extremely large downloads?

No, we try not to limit your creativity by video size or duration, that said some videos are too big and some music sets are too long, so we do cut off at 2 hours, but longer download will work if only you select lesser quality options.

How to find the files I downloaded on my PC?

Usually there's no big fuss about it, simply go into your browser menu and select Downloads, also CTRL+J will work in Chrome based browsers. It will show the list of your downloads, to access each file you must click on the list so many times.