Youtube shorts downloader & converter

This new type of Youtube videos called 'shorts' can be downloaded with 9Convert

Copy video URL from Youtube app, click Share and Copy (Link), then insert it here and hit red button.
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Download shorts from Youtube in 3 easy steps:

Save Youtube shorts as video file or convert to mp3

Here at 9convert we will try to do everything in our power to deliver you this Youtube short (video) as mp3 or mp4 file. Truth be told, shorts are same as videos, they are just shorter and most of the time can be short and made directly in Youtube app. This recent fad with short videos, it's all been started by Tik Tok, then Youtube and Instagram followed with their shorts and reels and anything else in between. Yes, Tik Tok is a danger to Youtube, it's commanding too much attention from teens, which is literally the taste-makers of the world.. BTW we can convert Tiktok videos to mp4 or mp3, just try on front page. This is for Youtube shorts and other shorts only.

Download Youtube Shorts as MP4, MP3, M4A, WEBM, etc

Youtube doesn't watermark their Shorts, so it's very easy to re-share them on other social networks like Instagram or even Tik Tok, for more exposure, more chances to get that viral video which in turn makes new followers. Otherwise we help you download Youtube shorts, we can convert shorts to mp3, it's very easy to handle Shorts and we do it well. So just copy video URL by clicking the Share button then Copy..



What's the most simple way to download Youtube shorts?

  1. Open Youtube app, copy Short's link to clipboard by clicking Share.
  2. Open 9convert and insert the URL into the search box, hit red button.
  3. Now select the file format and hit "Download" button or convert short to mp3.

Do you track downloads and limit them somehow?

No. We only dislike multiple simultaneous downloads, we don't approve of those, but otherwise enjoy unlimited (consecutive) downloads.

Where do the downloads end up on my computer?

Files you've downloaded are viddeo Mp4s and audio Mp3s, they are saved in your default Downloads folder, you can access that folder by going into browser menu, then Downloads option.

How to download Youtube shorts on Android or Iphone?

Shorts are designed for mobile devices, so just copy video URL and do everything as answered above - the simple way to download.

Does this app work on Linux? MacOS? Android?

Yes, yes and yes. Our web app is universal, in fact it works via your favorite browser, so it is imperative to have Internet access for this app to work, otherwise there's no platform that we don't support..

What are the provided video/audio formats?

Youtube shorts can be downloaded as Mp4 file or converted to Mp3 file. Rarely when short wasn't filed in the app, other quality options (including up to 4k) maybe available, watch out for those.